A Sweet Carousel Horse

Who recalls the fairs and town squares of yesteryear with the magical Calliope – or are some of us are known to call it “merry go ’round”? Or those bouncy horses from our youth that did no more than being turned into someplace Springy Horse we threw clothing?

I started this piece a very long time ago, when I saw one of those bouncy horses in a thrift store. Remember them?

photo 2 copy 3I have wanted to do just this kind of project for a while. I had picked up plushy type horse a while back thinking I could it with that and it had some sort of weird plastic skeleton but when came right down to it, it wouldn’t work. So I turned into a unicorn trophy, like you see hunters do.

photo 2 copy 2Unfortunately – or fortunately – I never got it hung up for lack of wall space. I also thought that maybe might get the wrong impression if they came into my house and saw poor Charlie!

So, I had seen the bouncy horse and of course had to scoop it up. It had been in the store for some time and one of the springs was missing so I got it for a super good price.

Now he sat in the garage for some time before I got around to working on it. Of course removing it from its ‘harness’ was the first step. Then giving it a good cleaning.

I then used a magical color of spray paint I found at HomeDepot (hi guys!), called Pearl Mist. It was kismet I swear.


Several coats of spray paint later, it was ready for more detailing. I paint the mane and the tail with Martha Stewart’s line of paint that had glitter build right in.


Then it was onto the other bits, and step one was the saddle. I hand painted it with a medium shade of pink, a little darker pink ‘behind’ the details and added a violet to make the ‘blanket’ stand out. I mean, really, what little girl didn’t love pink and purple?

Once I had added a few more coats of the gold glitter, I then sprayed a clear finish to seal the paint for a longer lasting finish.

I then glued pink ‘jewels’ onto the saddle and small gold rhinestones in the mane and tail to make it sparkle.

Then he sat for a while. First in the garage but I was worried he’d get bumped or knocked over, so then he came to live in my office. I finally got into the “let’s get things finished mode’ and the horse was the first to be completed.

I knew he would need a base, so using a prepared oval plaque from Michael’s (hi guys!) and built a base holder from some scrap baseboard wood I had and painted with the same pearl mist color.

I used 2” PVC pipe for the pole painted and again, painted to match. There are actually two pieces of the pipe with a connector in the middle so that he had something to rest on and not fall to the floor. I filled the cavity around the pole inside the horse (he was hollow) to add to the stability of the horse with spray foam.

And that was about it. I fussed around with build a fanciful top to disguise the top blunt end of the PVC pipe with ribbons and bells and I like the way it turned out.

So, without further adieu:


I hope you liked this and come back soon!


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